A. Member must be purchased at the website once when after register, and log into Ocean Three website or Ocean Three App during month of birthday, you will get “5000 Birthday Points”.
For example, if your birthday is 27th July, you can receive the birthday points in 1st July - 31st July.
B. First purchase online customers must wait after 4 days ago, to receive first purchase member points and payment record, next time in your birthday month sign in, you will get the "Birthday Points".
C. “Birthday Points” expire 15 days after receive, the point system will make a record of your receive day.
For example, your birthday points receive day is 1st July 2015, please use your birthday points before 15th July 2015, birthday points will be deducted on 16th July 2015.
D. Get 5000 birthday points annually on your birthday. Birthday points will not be awarded again to member who change the birthday in same year.
E. “Birthday Points” Can be used as a direct deduction of purchase amount or redemption of points.
F. If member have fraction (member points) and birthday fraction (birthday points), the system will deduct from birthday fraction first, if birthday fraction not enough, it will deduct member fraction.
G. In member page you can see your “fraction” and “birthday fraction”, “fraction” is the sum total of “fraction” and “birthday fraction”.
H. "Birthday points" only can use in delivery payment only, self pick-up and shopping in store are not available. Free delivery will be provided for each order value over $500. If value subtracted from birthday points or member points that cost less than $500, customers should pay $50 for delivery fee. Delivery order must be placed before 2 days.
I.   Ocean Three record is conclusive.
J.   Ocean Three reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice.
K. Member can see the used points in the member page.
- Should any dispute arise, the decision of Ocean Three Development Limited shall be final. -